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Chairman: John Gerich

Committee: Paul Scherer Chairman, John Gerich and Kent Peterson, Friends of the Library

Book Swap is a free activity that occurs at the monthly meetings (except December). The motto is: "Bring a few, take a few." Members bring books, Fiction and Non-fiction, that they are done reading and place them on the swap tables. Other members pick up what they like to read and may bring them back later. Some members occasionally bring a whole shopping bag that they have accumulated.

Each month we have a featured author whose works have been collected. A description of all the works by the author is posted for information and kept in the binder at subsequent meetings. After the meeting members are encouraged to take as many books as they like. Those circulating are a virtual library. The books left after the meeting are donated to the Los Altos Friends of the Library, part of the Santa Clara County Library System.

The Book Swap serves as a meeting place for members interested in books to share their favorite titles and authors. Members often expand their friendships as well as find new authors they haven't tried.


Have you read a great book lately? Why not tell your fellow SIR members about it? Write a book review and put it on-line.

Looking for a book to read next? Check what your fellow members are reading. Look at the on-line book reviews.

Questions? Contact Skip Ross

Want to search Google's scanned book repository for a book? Use the following.

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