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The following is a questionnaire for new members of the CS Owners Association (or those who wish to provide updated information). If you are interested in joining CSOA, please complete the questionnaire. To do this, print this page, fill out the form and send it by postal mail to:

140 Grant Blight Cres
Newmarket, ON
Canada, L3Y 7W5

Your information is kept confidential and will only be used for purposes of communications by CSOA.

There are currently no dues or fees associated with membership in CSOA, as our services are all provided by volunteers and free web services.



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Year built:

Year acquired:

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Suggestions for CS OWNERS ASSOCIATION activities



I would like to help with organizing:
  Newlsetter Production
  Newsletter Articles, Contributions
  On-line Chats/Meetings
  Other (please specify on next line)
       Other help:

Hints and helpers for other members



Sail & Hardware info/suppliers

What information are you interested in seeing in the newsletter?

Please give us a brief paragraph about your sailing area. Also tell us about the type of sailing you enjoy most. This will be used for the "About our Members" section of The SloopScoop, our quarterly newsletter.


We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

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