Traveling by Motorhome

In February, 1997 we took delivery of a Lazy Daze 27' Class C motorhome. Between then and October, 2008 we did the following in it.

From the very beginning we kept a record of each park, and applied our personal rating to it as a way of remembering whether we wanted to camp there again on subsequent trips. We have shared our records with RVing friends, and been told they were helpful. Perhaps you will find them useful too. If so, we are glad.

RV Park Ratings

Here are ratings and descriptions of RV parks at which we have stayed. These are strictly personal evaluations. Below are our rating criteria, which differ markedly from those of commercial rating services such as Trailer Life. In addition to the numerical score, the description provides further information about the park to help decide whether it is a place you'd want to stay.

Ratings System:
5 = Attractive in itself as a destination
4 = Definitely choose if staying in the area
3 = Average - neither seek out nor avoid
2 = Below average; avoid if alternative exists
1 = Definitely don't stay there; drive on for alternative

To understand how we assign the above ratings, the following drive our evaluation.

What we value in a campground: Beautiful setting; large campsites with privacy and separation; far from noise of highways, railroads, airports, industry; good restroom facilities, well maintained for cleanliness.

What we dislike: Overpricing and added cost for what is normally included free; shared hookups; unkempt appearance - puddles, dead grass, gravel missing in gravel sites, leaving dirt; lack of control of campground behavior, e.g. noisy pets, noisy generators, etc.

Tabular Park Listings

For complete tabular listings, choose from the following PDF files:

Retracing the Lewis and Clark Trail

In 2003, during the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition, we traveled their route, beginning in Oregon and ending at Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello. Our trip took 4 months and covered 22,000 miles (with detours from their more direct route). We kept a journal of the trip. It was one of our best vacations ever.

Our Journal


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