Branch 35 On-line Photo Roster User Guide


Each member's data is in a record which is arranged horizontally into fields. Member records are arranged vertically, with columns for each field type. The title for each column is in a blue bar at the top, e.g. Last Name. The records are sorted according to the contents of one or more columns. When the data is first presented, it is sorted by Last Name, then First name. There is a maximum of 200 records on a page (a limit imposed by the roster database vendor). Both the sort criteria and the page lengthever are viewer-adjustable, as will be described below.


To change the sort criteria, hover the mouse on the title of the column in the blue bar on which you want to sort, then click the down arrow that appears. Options such as Sort will appear. Click on Sort and the sort criteria will appear, e.g. ascending, descending. Choose and click the one you want. The sort will occur, resulting in all member records sorted according to the criteria you set. You can sort again, but the earlier sort criterion will remain in effect as a higher level sort order. This allows compound sorting, e.g. Last name, then First Name. To remove the earlier sort criterion, click on Sort in that column again, then click Remove Sorting. Then choose the new criteria.


It is simple to find a subset of the roster by performing a search. In the left above the blue bar, click on the word Search. Each column will now have a field into which you can put search criteria, e.g. name, number, etc., and qualifiers for its use, e.g. Contains, Greater than, etc. Enter any desired criteria and click Search. All the records that meet the search criteria will be displayed, and no others. When you are through searching, click Cancel. NOTE: Searching is not possible in the "Summary" view.


As mentioned above, a page can display up to 200 records. In the left above the blue bar, near Search, are controls for paging forward and back to view all the records. The limit can also be changed. Above the blue bar is a drop down list for changing the number of records per page.

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