SIR programs in 2002



November 20, 2002
Speaker: Dr. Arnold Beichman, Hoover Institute Felow and newspaper correspondent
Intro by:
Subj.: America: Beacon, Empire, Fortress ?


October 16, 2002
Speaker: Dr. David Morrison, NASA's Astrobiology Institute
Intro by: Jack Dyer
Subj.: Cosmic Impacts and Evolution The Earth is regularly bombarded with comets and asteroids. Dr. Morrison will review how such past cosmic collisions have played an important role in biological evolution. He will explain how future impacts could endanger the survival of our civilization, and will describe present thinking about action we might take to protect our planet. He is widely recognized for his leadership, and as a speaker, in this field.

David Morrison is the Senior Scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute, where he participates in a variety of research programs in astrobiology -- the study of the living universe. He is the author of more than 120 technical papers and has published a dozen books.

He is recipient of the Dryden Medal for Research from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and of the Klumpke-Roberts Award for Science Education of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He has received two NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals and was awarded the Presidential Meritorious Rank for his work as Director of Space at NASA Ames Research Center.

Among the asteroids orbiting the sun, "2410 Morrison" is named in his honor.


September 18, 2002
Speaker: Jeff Mitchell, Stanford University Golf Coach
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Stanford's Golf Program

Jeff Mitchell, Stanford Jeff is beginning his second season as head coach of men's golf at Stanford. He will tell us about the program, and about his experiences in recruiting and developing young golfers in the University's environment.

For ten years at Texas Tech before coming to Stanford, Jeff served as Head Coach for women's golf, and Director of Golf for men and women. For two of those years he was named Southwest Conference Coach of the Year. In 1997-99, Jeff was First Vice President of the National Golf Coaches Association, and was more recently its Legislative Chairman. Jeff was on the PGA tour 1976-84, winning the Phoenix Open in 1980. His record includes a dozen top-10 finishes.

He has always had a special interest in the development of young people. In college, he gave free junior golf clinics in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. He earned a degree in physical education at Texas Tech in 1989 and received his teaching certification the next year.

Jeff's background includes many years as golf instructor, plus experience in all phases of golf course operations. He worked in the graduate faculty at Texas Tech, teaching golf, tennis, and volleyball. He has been a director of junior golf camp since 1990.


August 21, 2002
Speaker: George Kennedy, Santa Clara County District Attorney
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Current Situations and Legal Challenges in Silicon Valley

Mr. Kennedy will tell us about some of the more notorious cases of his career in Santa Clara County. Additionally, he'll talk about upcoming challenges dealing with home invasions, accounting practice issues and significant criminal cases in this area. He will entertain our questions, but, of course, cannot elaborate on ongoing or future cases.

The scope and effectiveness of Mr. Kennedy's leadership is suggested in two of his departments' many news stories from the first half of 2002: In one report his office sponsored a new law recently signed by Gov. Davis that provides for a singular trial of serial sex offenders regardless of how many counties are involved, saving the agony of replicate testimony by victims and costs to tax payers of multiple trials. And, in June, the California District Attorneys Association named Santa Clara Co. Deputy District Attorney Julius Finkelstein as California’s Outstanding Prosecutor for 2002 Finkelstein leads the High Technology Crimes Unit in Kennedy's office, has successfully prosecuted the largest criminal trade secrets case in California history, and has authored state law that helps convict in cases involving trade secrets and stolen high tech hardware.

George Kennedy was elected District Attorney in 1990. He has served in the D.A.'s office for 30 years, and has conducted numerous jury trials ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. He has handled the prosecution of six death penalty cases. His positions in the department have included supervision of the Felony Trial Division, and Chief Assistant District Attorney He is a graduate of University of Southern California's School of Law.


June 19, 2002
Speaker: Bertram Wolfe
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Shall We Let Nuclear Energy Die but Can We Live Without It?


May 15, 2002
Speaker: Carole Rodoni
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: The Myth of the New Economy/Was There Really One

Ms Rodoni will present an in-depth description of the old and new economies, her thoughts on the current global economy, its affect on local investments and the local real estate market and will share her insights on the current real estate market with some projections for the balance of the year. This is a comprehensive and complex presentation that she is constantly updating as the factors change rapidly.

Ms Rodoni is the former President and COO of Alain Pinel Realtors. Prior positions include Chief Operations Officer of both Cornish and Carey Residential Real Estate, Inc and Fox & Carskadon Residential Real Estate. She personally owned Krames Communications for eleven years, selling it to Grolier Publishing in 1989 for $27 million.

Carlole is definitely a workaholic, no ifs ands, or buts. She is results-oriented, bottom line driven and has spent her career turning troubled companies around and returning them to profitability. She builds teams of bright, competent professionals willing to take risks, accept challenges, question, stretch, dare and dream. Some insight into her philosophy can be gained from her view of the role of President which follows:

“The President’s office is only on lease to you and you have to earn the right to keep it each and every month. Respect doesn’t come by virtue of the title; it is something your people give to you because you deserve it. Consistency, a strong work ethic, evolution, adaptation, dynamic and caring people skills and the ability to make difficult choices are the core values for the job. Vision, creating magic and making a lasting difference are the “extras”. When all is said and done, the buck stops at your desk.”

She gave this presentation to SIR Branch 5 in February and it was very well received by the audience, even to the extent of 14 members asking for copies.


April 17, 2002
Speaker: Robert J. Gilliland
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Test Flying the World's Fastest Airplanes

Bob Gilliland has logged more experimental supersonic flight test time above Mach 2 and Mach 3 than any other pilot. He is a former Naval Academy graduate and was a combat jet fighter pilot in Korea and he helped introduce the first American jets in Europe.

As project test pilot for the Lockheed SR-71, he was the first to fly the aircraft. It roared skyward amid the purple-orange blast of maximum afterburner on its maiden flight on December 22, 1964. Working with Kelly Johnson, the Skunk Works founder, and his small group of engineers, Bob was the first to achieve full-envelope expansion of speed and altitude in both the SR-71A and SR-71B. Prior to involvement with the A-11/A-12, YF12A and SR-71, Bob was a Lockheed company test pilot in the F-104 Starfighter at Palmdale, Edwards AFB and in Europe. He holds the Kincheloe award as top test pilot by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and is currently a trustee of ANA (Association of Naval Aviation). Anyone who has heard Bob’s presentation of The Supersonic Age, The Lockheed Skunk Works or Test Piloting has come away awed, amazed, entertained and educated.


March 20, 2002
Speaker: Brian Robinson
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Where, How, Why and What of All That Hiking

Brian is the only person to have hiked the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails within a year. He walked in 22 states, experienced numerous happenings and met many people in those 7,400 miles. He will explain why he wanted to do it and will describe some of the many interesting aspects of his undertaking. He'll talk about some of the persons he encountered, and of the help he got in completing the journey.

Brian was an engineer with Tandem Computers (now Compaq) for 17 years. He graduated from Cal Berkeley as an electrical engineer. He grew up in the Bay Area. He is 40.

He runs typically 50 miles pert week, and is in training for a 100 mile race this summer. He enjoys competitive bridge play; he's a 'Life Master' in the American Contract Bridge League.

Presently, he is writing a book about his hiking experiences.


February 20, 2002
Speaker: Don Mattson - Chief Operating Officer (retired) InVision Technologies
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: Safety in the Skies

Mr. Mattson will discuss airline security issues of today, lessons learned from the September 11 attack, and what is now being done to make air travel safe. As a key participant, he will emphasize the large roll Bay Area technology firms play in the related newly emerging industry.

InVisiuon Technologies of Newark, CA, produces an x-ray device using CAT Scan technology to search checked airline baggage specifically for explosive materials.

Don Mattson's management background includes positions with Memorex, Verbatim, and Media Technology. Previously, he was experienced in various engineering and manufacturing positions, especially related to optical data storage and distribution.

Don is a member of Branch 35.


January 16, 2002
Speaker: Gordon Bowman-Jones
Intro by: Buck Kendrick
Subj.: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Air Show

Mr. Bowman-Jones is world-famous as a narrator for air shows. He has worked many of the largest -- including those at Farnborough (England), Paris, Berlin, Atsugi (Japan); plus others in Australia, Switzerland, and Mexico. In the USA, his narration has described actions at the Reno National Air races, Marines at Miramar, Dayton Air Show, Oshkosh (WI), here - align it "right" --> Mr. Bowman-Jones is world-famous as a narrator for air shows. He has worked many of the largest -- including those at Farnborough (England), Paris, Berlin, Atsugi (Japan); plus others in Australia, Switzerland, and Mexico. In the USA, his narration has described actions at the Reno National Air races, Marines at Miramar, Dayton Air Show, Oshkosh (WI), San Francisco Fleet week, and more.

He is the aviation expert on the daily "Popular Mechanics Show" on The Discovery Channel and as host for "Ultimate Flights" and "National Unlimited Sport Flying Championships" on ESPN-2.

Besides his showmanship, he has been appointed Aviation Safety Inspector by the FAA. With his avid interest in almost anything that flies, he was named Honorary Life Member of the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Society -- joining a past U.S. President an astronaut with the honor.

Of course, he has flown all kinds of aeronautical vehicles from jets to blimps and hang gliders; and he owns an acrobatic trainer from WWII which he refurbished himself.

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