Bill Schuyler


Bill at 100th birthday
Bill's birthday celebration in 2010

The following remembrances were shared spontaneously among the Fellowship Forum membership

It is with the deepest respect that I forward the sad news. Bill was a real friend to all of us and will be truly missed.
{Bill Schuyler died last night. A few days ago he was hospitalized because of chronic breathing problems. When I learn about plans for a memorial event I will let you know.}

Jerry Mackay

How sad.
Bill was a very bright and lovable young man.
We will miss him.
One of the great pleasures of every meeting was to see Bill sitting there with a grin on his face, ready to tell the speaker to enunciate clearly.
He was our youngest member, and most beloved.

Al Bagley

I wish to add my deep regrets at Bill's loss. He was a special fellow at the Fellowship Forum.

Fernando Vescia

Bill served the Forum -- and society - long and well. We will long remember his vibrant questions, his good humor and his keen insights. -- Andy Doty
Bill was indeed a great friend. We will miss him.

Fritz Trapnell

It was a privilege to be in the same room with Bill Schuyler,  as close to immortal as one can be. 

Bill Harris

A good friend, a wonderful helpmate as my Secretary "way back when".  It was a my good fortune to have counted on him as a friend to both Marian and myself. My sincerest sympathy to his family.

Bob Dannenberg

Bill was the oldest member of the Fellowship Forum and was a member for 26 years having joined the Forum in 1987.  Bill was our President in 1997.  He was a faithful attendee, a friend to all, and for at least some part of each luncheon the center of good talk and bantering.  When it came to the speaker Bill was usually one of the first to set the tone with a challenging and probing question.  He modeled the mission of the Forum.

Jim Lyons, read to the membership at the meeting.

Bill served the Forum -- and society - long and well. We will long remember his vibrant questions, his good humor and his keen insights.

Andy Doty

Bill was the other Dutchman at the Fellowship Forum. We will all miss him.

Jan Aarts

Bill and I joined this group a few years apart back in the “Eighties”.  He was fun to know and his smile and positive attitude will be greatly missed by all.  

Al Dau

Bill was our oldest member, but at the same time the youngest in spirit. It was a privilege to cross paths with him.  

Tom Fiene

It was a real inspiration to get to know Bill for the year+ I have been part of the Fellowship Forum.  He always seemed extremely sharp and witty in all his interactions with Forum members. He was a wonderful role model for how to age with grace and remain active.  He will certainly be missed by all.

Mark Barchas

I mispronounced his name once and he never let me forget. From that moment on we bonded. I knew him better than all the other members.

Walt McCullough

In thinking of Bill Schuyler, let me add he was a genuine friend. We shared a common background of time in the Navy during WW II, he as a yeoman and I as a quartermaster. He spoke of his skipper as a rough practical man with little time for the niceties of record keeping and report writing. This is where Bill excelled and he made himself invaluable to his rough-talking senior officer .by taking care of all those details and doing those things his skipper could never have handled.

And of course Bill’s talent for ingratiating himself stayed with him with the result he became this lovely old guy with an often wry sense of humor that we all knew and respected. His interest in the Fellowship Forum and in our speakers was clearly evident in the thoughtful questions he often asked.

Simply to say, we’re all richer for having known Bill and his loss leaves a void in the Forum.

Tom Wyman

Though a relatively new member of the Fellowship Forum, I did have the opportunity on several occasions to talk to Dick, and found him to be a most engaging fellow who was interesting to talk to and had a great sense of humor. I also remember his enthusiasm for a restaurant in San Juan Batista, and the excellent dramatic reading of his Abraham Lincoln play. I will miss him.

Phil Maresca

As a newer member, I didn't know Dick Burress well, but could still be fully appreciative of his intellectual heft and diverse interests. I especially enjoyed his talk about Lincoln. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for a few days and unable to attend the planned memorial service, but do offer my condolences to his family. Dick will be greatly missed at our meetings.

Mark Barchas

Bill was a student of my father (Derwood Baker) at the John Burroughs School in St. Louis in 1926 - 28. When my father moved to Palo Alto and joined Fellowship Forum, he and Bill were delighted to rediscover each other. What a lovely man he was, as was his wife. We enjoyed them both, and we'll miss Bill.

Susan Hartzell


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