Personal Favorite Applications & Accessories for Macintosh

Listed below are some of the applications that I have found particularly useful to me on the Mac. The descriptions are intentionally short. I have provided links, some to a page where I have provided a more complete description (LINK TO MY PAGE), some to the vendor's web page.

Software Books

My absolute favorite books for learning about software I plan to use is the "Missing Manual" series from O'Reilly. In particular, David Pogue's Missing Manual for every version of the Mac operating system (beginning with Tiger) has been a must read for me each time I do an OS upgrade. I have literally read each volume cover-to-cover - usually before installing the upgrade. Much of each book is carried forward from the previous version, but there is so much to know that I invariably re-learn enough to find it worthwhile.

I also have and have read the Missing Manual for Dreamweaver - much better than Adobe's on-line Help.

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